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I’d like to take a moment to comment on the title.  What is The Reflecting Skin?  Why “reflecting”?  Taken literally, the reflecting skin could represent the silver skin on the baby in the photo from Vietnam.  However, I am doubting that small part of the movie would account for its name.  There are other discussions that the reflecting skin represents the dichotomy between good and evil- and how our selves reflect one or the other.  Or, perhaps this has to do with the black and white themes in the film.  Dolphin blue is almost always in black.  When she is found dead, she is wearing white.  This scene actually reminded me of the finale in Cruel Intentions, where Ryan Phillippe is dressed in solid black, and Reese Witherspoonis in clad white.  At any rate, I believe that it is definitely not clear as to why Ridley used this title. 


Londonite Philip Ridley is the writer and director of The Reflecting Skin, which won 11 international awards.  Here are those awards:

  1. creepiest
  2. best fetus
  3. most unvampire-like vampire
  4. worst title
  5. best exploding toad scene
  6. best cackling twins
  7. best worst use of water
  8. best worst use of gasoline
  9. strangest Viggo love scene
  10. most unlikely Vietnam war tie-in
  11. most Lynch-like

There you have it, folks.  The 11 international awards.


Even Ridley would be proud.