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They say that if you like David Lynch, then you will like The Reflecting Skin.  It even says so on the VHS box.  However, is this really true?  Sure, the RefSk has many strange moments… bad music, and creepy characters- all characteristics of David Lynch films.  However, does the movie really have what it takes to qualify as Lynch worthy?

Case in point one: David Lynch often portrays life in a small town (Twin Peaks, Straight Story… there are more).  The Reflecting Skin also takes place in a small town.  Check one, Reflecting Skin.

Case in point two: While David Lynch is often off the deep end on the “strangeness factor,” The Reflecting Skin has drowned in it.  There is almost no way to completely figure out The Reflecting Skin.  No context clues, no foreshadowing, nadda.  Its nice to be able to somewhat understand the hidden meaning.  Check one, Lynch.

Case in point three: there is no midget dancing in The Red Room in The Reflecting Skin.  Check two, Lynch.


Ok, so maybe that wasn’t as fair as it could have been.  The ticker on the VHS cover is right… if you like David Lynch, then you’ll like The Reflecting Skin.  True.  However, as we have seen, in a face off, Lynch will win every time.