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This fall I watched the TV series Rome.  I plowed through the eposides through my Netflix subscription.  Now, after watching The Reflecting Skin again, I am suprised to see Lindsay Duncan (aka Servilia of the Junii) as Dolphin Blue.  I hadn’t remembered that she was in this movie.  Ah, and don’t forget Lindsay’s Under the Tuscan Sun performance.  This was actually my favorite part of hers.  If you haven’t seen Tuscan, I would highly recommend it…Of course, I was also suprised to see Viggo Mortensen (aka Aragorn from LOTR).  Actually, the last I saw of Viggo was in Eastern Promises.  I did like this film, however it was a little violent.  I seem to remember Viggo in a naked steam room fight scene.  Too far?  Perhaps. viggo23refsk.jpgAt any rate, it was fun to connect the RefSk with other films I have seen lately.  Lindsay didnt seem to age, and Viggo looks like a pup in this movie!