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If you browse a “Reflecting Skin” Google search, you may come across folks who list this film as the “worst movie ever”.  I’ll be frank and say that I can see where they are coming from.  The movie’s strangeness and uncertainty can put people off.  However, I would say that anything on the extreme has a lot of creative potential.  Meaning, there is a reason why people judge this film to be the worst.  First off, they obviously remembered the film enough to add it to the list.  Secondly, they probably remember several scenes in order to retell their “worst place” reasoning to others.  And lastly, as with the political spectrum, anything that is extreme left is encroaching on extreme right (with political viewpoints as being in a circle).  Therefore, the “worst” movies are easily the “best” movies in someone else’s book.


twins.jpgWas anyone else *really* creeped out by the twins toward the beginning of the film?  You know, the cackling ones that carried a dead bird.  How could you miss them?  Well, the first time I saw The Reflecting Skin, the twins were the biggest anomaly to me.  I dove into discussions about what the twins meant… but alas I was not able to unearth much.  After another Google search, I still was not able to find commentary on these gals.  So, if anyone has thoughts on what they represent in the film, please post!  Or- perhaps you have found discussion elsewhere…